Providing Possibilities – how Nature Noodles sessions work

IMG_0455.JPGForest School is child led with activities provided as possibilities.  The activities are designed to support and extend children’s learning and development.  I love reading about ideas and possible activities of fun things to try and no child has to participate and there are no end goals – focus is on the process not product.  Joseph Cornell talks of flow learning and I like this.

Within the sessions there will be adult led ideas, particularly for the first session but through observation I can see what else may work and build on this for the following week.  A ball of wool, for example, was of interest at the end of one session which makes me think of spider web or washing line activities.

My aim with Nature Noodles is that as each child attends regularly I will be able to observe what they enjoy and support this whilst bringing with me other activity possibilities (reflecting the seasons, learning about nature and bushcraft skills)  – allowing the children to pretty much plan the sessions weekly by their own interests.  It may well be that I don’t need to bring anything at all as they embrace their surroundings 🌿🍃🌿.