New Term

IMG_0530.JPGStarting back this week for a new block, lovely to see some new faces and, of course, old ones. It’s a funny time of year with children moving on to nursery and school and feels a little like Nature Noodles is setting up again.  Wishing all of the little Noodles who are moving on the best of luck, am sure that they will have a great time in their new settings.

This provides me with the opportunity to think about the group and the sessions and of what I would like Nature Noodles to be.

We gathered together to have our Forest School Rules and duck whistle/ boundary talk.  We headed off for an explore and the children quickly found the tree to climb, jump and hang off.

Mud was made and berries were collected and looked at. Paint was suggested alongside some stones, some of which were painted.  Berry soup was made, trees painted and the tray itself was stood in.  Seeds were sown for future possibilities.  Some joined in with tool work and then we gathered together.

Looking at seeds and having a story, some colouring, bark rubbings, climbing and log dogs.

A lovely first session back 🌿🍃🌿



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