Friday Foxes 🦊

8FB746E7-1030-4B9E-8AD8-3BC6CE0845E9🌿🌿A SUPER sunny session today for the Friday Foxes 🦊 this morning. A beautiful morning butterfly spotting, playing hide n seek, barefoot walking, mud making (muddy animals!) and some food chopping for our insect friends. A last minute water fight helped to cool us down.😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿LOOKING forward to Monday’s Outdoor Learning Session where we will have more water based fun – please dress appropriately and bring whatever drinks and snacks you may need …. and a water pistol if you have one 😊🌿🌿



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

0D066CC7-2C8D-4049-B4DC-5B8A3D9FFEF7.jpeg🌿😊A beautiful morning for Nature Noodles today, WE made a hole for a mole which we found, READ the Hungry Caterpillar (following on from last weeks moth visit 🐛 🦋), WENT on a butterfly hunt spotting lots of Wood Whites, Speckled Woods and others who chose NOT to show us their wings, some exploring and bare foot walking, mud making, den building and chopping up soft fruit for our bugs and other animals 😊🌿🌿

Moth Thursday

5B251D04-431B-461C-9CE7-1E23875D7517.jpeg🌿🦋A WONDERFUL morning with the Nature Noodles today in the sun 🌞 – many thanks to Pete for bringing his moth  trap down again turning our ‘bird’ session to a ‘moth’ session with woolly caterpillars hidden in the woods, LOTS of amazing moths to hold and look at, chalk, tools and some lounging around in hammocks 🦋🌿🌿

Crafty Outdoor Learning

2D3CE035-62E8-4000-A2B7-9CF721241966.jpeg🌿LOVELY to see everyone this morning, thank you for coming and a BIG thanks to Bob Ainsworth for giving up his time to showcase his carpentry skills and let us have a GO making a fab saw horse and some beautiful t-light candle holders. WE also played in hammocks, played hide n seek, messed about in mud, used some hand tools and made elderflower fritters 😋🌿🌿

🌿🌿THE next Outdoor Learning Monday session will be 8th July and I will post details of what we COULD get up to nearer the time😊🌿🌿

Summer Foxes 🦊

5BC59507-5944-4113-9329-9ACBF4DE333B🌿A lovely Friday Foxes 🦊 with some collecting & exploring, picture making adding potions for colour – learning new dinosaur names 🦖 – picking our elderflowers and doing some cooking, a spot of mud play and finishing off with some tin can fires 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿MONDAY is the Outdoor Learning Session and we have a carpenter coming to join us to look at wood and DO some creating!  THERE will also be the usual Nature Noodles activities 😊🌿🌿


Solstice Sun

C1EA9E97-ADBA-48A7-B85A-3C8D27E7AE88.jpeg🌿🌿STARTING to celebrate the Summer Solstice this morning with the Nature Noodles with a mandala collection for our Summer SUN picture, exploring leaves & texture on our way, hammock play, exploring & investigating, MUD pies and finishing off collecting our elderflowers for a snack.  IS there anything we can’t batter! 😉🌿🌿

🌿🌿LOOKING forward to the Friday Foxes 🦊 tomorrow for our first DRY session for a while 🌞 🌿


Outdoor Event/ Noodlefest!

BEF97B44-0D64-43D0-AC5B-DD6236728C94.jpeg🌿🌿THE Outdoor Event has finally been and it was AMAZING!  Thank you to ALL the volunteers who all GAVE their time for free from a local musician, moth/ butterfly enthusiast, bird watchers, wildlife wanderers, Forest School leaders, the Wildlife Trust and the lovely Sim and David from Sustrans.  IT was awesome 😊🌿🌿

Friday Foxes in the Rain, Again!

7FF23BA1-A201-4924-A383-95F7FF127FEA.jpeg🌿🌿A lovely morning with my small BUT mighty Friday Foxes 🦊… escaping the rain until the end.  WE spent half the session splashing in puddles, scooping & pouring and perfecting the bark water-run and the second half on site maintenance (many thanks!), ably using the bow saw, loppers and other hand tools to help clear a fallen branch off the Brampton Valley Way 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿LOOKING forward to less wet weather (hopefully!) next week and trying some elderflower fritters 😋🌿🌿

Wet Noodles

C0F2EDA4-244F-4038-A659-2EA72C845BD4.jpeg🌿A SUPER wet morning can only mean SUPER big puddles!  A lovely wet morning exploring our very GREEN site, using burdock for hats, lots of puddle jumping, splashing, mixing & pouring and making water runs 💦 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿THANKS to those who braved the rain & totally understand for those that didn’t 😊😊❤️🌿🌿

Outdoor Event

6DAB7E4B-EA06-4F44-BBF8-1CE414AEB2B2🌿SO excited for THIS Saturday’s Outdoor ‘Noodlefest’ Event.  IT is all FREE – though bring some pennies as the Canvas Cafe will be hosting a ‘pop up’ cafe offering drinks & cake😋🌿🌿

🌿🌿BUDDIES are also holding an event WHICH is just down the road so you CAN do BOTH 😊😊🌿

🌿Please message me with any queries🌿