Happy New Year!

E05045A3-F062-40AE-886B-F4709B1011B9.jpeg🌿HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2019 was the end of the Sustrans Greener Greenways initiative BUT the work is there for ALL to see and enjoy: the hedging, hazel circle, bat hotel 🦇 and painted tool container along the Brampton Valley Way.  WE have enjoyed bat & ecology walks n talks, planted trees & wildflowers and been very grateful for the help given in the form of work at the site (the CHAIR!) and support for the Greener Greenways event (Noodlefest!) to turn the site into an area which families enjoy visiting and playing in and take an active interest in the nature on our doorstep.  Many thanks to Sustrans – Sim & David – and we wish them all the best in their new adventures and to everyone who has been involved.💚🌿🌿

🌿🌿NOW the site is drying out and we having a break so I can do some SERIOUS planning BUT 2020 will have more exciting adventures planned and I will post on here as soon as I can make it all official …. IN the meantime have LOTS of fun outdoors adventures!💚🌿🌿

Neptune’s Chair

154D021B-336A-44C7-9868-FDD408324B98.jpeg🌿🌿🦊THERE is no Friday Foxes 🦊 session running today NOT because it is raining BUT because the site is so flooded as to make it unusable 🌿🦊

🌿🌿WISHING everyone a lovely festive holiday, whatever you do and however you celebrate.  There will be no sessions running for the first part of the year to give the site a chance to dry out …. BUT there is lots being planned with new adventures and sites planned💚🌿🌿


14FB3C03-33D0-44AF-B6F1-311099F4DD94.jpeg🌿A SUPER flooded site again for the Friday Foxes 🦊 this afternoon …. we had the chance to look for puddles (not hard!), make dens, have a story, feed the wildlife and wax leaves …  🍁  🍃 🍂 🦊🌿🌿

Tree Decorating

3890D9D6-22E0-4E0F-9C78-4CB2974E6F4E.jpeg🌿LOVELY sessions this week with Nature Noodles and the Friday Foxes 🦊 MAKING natural decorations and decorating an Elder tree, using tools and waxing leaves 🍁.  Coming TOGETHER for some hide n seek and den building with hot chocolate “THIS is the LIFE”💚 and then the sun came out after the rain and we enjoyed our fire and some fun with some tinsel tree decorating 🎄🌿🌿

🌿I stayed and watched the embers burn down as the sun set …. enjoying some nurture time for me 💚🌿🌿

Greener Greenways Award

9182E060-2BA7-4546-B8B7-079EE735A430.jpeg🌿Many thanks not ONLY to Sustrans for my lovely thoughtful award BUT to EVERYONE who has been involved in ANY way, shape or form whether it is from volunteering to help clear the site, litter pick, attend Sustrans workdays and of course if you have got OUT there by attending any of the sessions.  Special thanks, as ever, go to Pat for her support 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿THIS project has always been VERY personal for me and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to meet everyone who has been involved 💚🌿🌿

🦊A lovely bright Friday Foxes session today looking at the fungi 🍄, cutting some willow and making crowns 💚🦊.  We had some Robins follow us around all session and one little guy stayed with me until the end …. 🐦

🌿Thank you for coming & have a lovely weekend 😊🌿🌿

Friday Foxes 🦊

7C340072-88D9-4123-AE69-97E3C705F021.jpeg🌿ANOTHER lovely session where we managed to escape the rain 🌧…. the site is SUPER flooded but we had fun collecting leaves and snail 🐌 & slug spotting, having an explore, some tool wok and Woodland Sprite making to finish off with a play in the water, a fire and crumpets 😋🌿🌿

🌿🌿LOOKING forward to next week….🌿🌿


Nature Noodles

🌿🌿The rain STOPPED for our Nature Noodles fun this afternoon …. looking at leaf colour 🍁 🍂 🍃 and making story sticks, throwing leaves in the air, climbing & exploring through the site.  WE cut some Elder to make our Woodland Sprites, played on the slackline and ate crumpets …. we ALSO splashed in puddles!!🌿🌿

🍄SOME good Jelly Ears spotting too🍄