Summer Fun Sessions!

B8D6DBF8-A281-4605-B2BF-60E96AE4BB46.jpegThe Summer Fun sessions are just that … a chance to play outside with friends and family and maybe try something new.  The sessions have been really successful with up to 25 children attending which is wonderful BUT they have made me wonder about the essence of Forest School and how to provide more connected, smaller sessions (as the normal Forest School sessions are).  I will be making changes in my approach and practice in the Autumn term, details to follow …

In the meantime, with a magical folk themed birthday party and the last Summer Session next week at Nature Noodles it’s a great time to enjoy the sunshine and get outdoors! 🌿🍃🌿

Amazing Year!

3EA7DDB5-96D3-4C29-9AA8-66B8B2209E4FWHAT a year it has been … the group’s have grown, lots have come along to have a look, volunteer groups helping tidy and open up the site, this website being developed, community sessions led by Sustrans, Woodland Rhymetime led by Katie Paton – Iam so delighted about the flow and direction that Nature Noodles has taken.  LOTs to learn and develop BUT I feel very strongly now about where this is all going BUT nothing could be done without you lovely lot.  Thank you for your support, for the friendships made, the time people have taken to connect with their child, the Earth and each other.  BEAUTIFUL 🌿🍃🌿

Thank you for coming today and sitting in the sun whilst the children forged their own fun and games in the sunshine.

Saying Goodbye …

7B73C353-2BCF-47E3-824F-FA01AF22FA88.jpeg… but hopefully not for long to Potterspury Pre-School who finished the last of their six week sessions this morning.  I have REALLY enjoyed getting to know you all and meet the children- it’s been a fun packed 6 weeks with potions, tools, water pistols (tracking games!), clay,  mud, barefoot walking, The Flying Scotsman, moths, bog baby, obstacle courses, ropes and an aeroplane fly by (NOT all arranged by me!) – too much fun to choose a favourite BUT definitely a big HAPPY FACE from Pat and me and we hope to see you again soon!

Small BUT Mighty

A35D2DE5-E690-4C7C-890D-1F1836840C49.jpegA FAB Friday session with my lovely small BUT mighty group – last one of the block before Autumn.  WE looked at flowers and grasses of the Brampton Valley Way, made flower fairies (circles & giraffes!), played in bubbles, made homes for woodland animals, relaxed in the den, hide n seek, some balancing, water play and charcoal pencils.  🌿🍃🌿

Active Play

D9CB2D4C-42F2-41E6-8612-D08B6F089A0F.jpegA fab last session of this block! LOTS of focused, active child led learning.  BRILLIANT communication between the children – all seeming to work together with an amazing understanding not actually verbalised!  EXPLORING the plants around us, building obstacle courses, dens, playing with bubbles and running through the woods. 🌿🍃🌿

Nature Balance

At NATURE NOODLES we usually happily co-exist with Nature at the site – using it as a tool for play & learning.  WE are aware of our impact and address this through site maintenance- planting trees and seeds.  USUALLY the only damage is caused by the mindless acts of others.  NATURE though can be brutal and act out of our hands and Iam sorry to say that the baby Kestrel did not make it.  HAVING followed the advice given we removed him from the site last night as he was clearly alone and we felt – whilst survival unlikely – to be here rather than got by a fox would be preferable, even if that was NATURE’s way.

Mellow Monday

D77BBD2E-4010-44E4-AFA9-4DE4BDA1A247.jpegMAYBE we’re all a little weather weary OR maybe it was the excitement of seeing a baby Kestrel today …. SUCH a mellow Monday.  Thank you for coming to chat, relax and play in the sunshine.  We used hammers and nails, some clay, some obstacle course building, some water pistols, made up games and used some chalk.

I WILL check later but when I left our little dude had hopped on a branch and was trying to have a nap.  I have spoken to the rspb & raptor rescue team and will follow their advice.

Fairy Fun Party

2CBD8459-EDF8-42A4-A954-A3F94A76D6B0.jpegTHERE are lots of fab outdoor party providers out there so I don’t do them often at all WITH today being the third ever party at Nature Noodles.  WELL the local wildlife must have known it was a nature lover’s birthday as a Jay, toad and baby Kestrel came to say hello!  ALL of the animals were safe and made their way back to where they ought to be BUT it was wonderful to see.

….. we also made fairy houses, potions, wands, flower fairies, ate cake and had a water fight! 🧚‍♀️❤️🧚‍♀️

Taking Our Time in the Heat

33BEDDA4-5722-457F-8BB8-4C286BA7D96F.jpegTODAY was all about taking our TIME in the heat and LOOKING around us …. scavenger hunt bags and collections of treasures.  Soft, spotty, large, small, red, yellow, curved, bendy, yucky, wet … YOU found them all.  Water play with clay and seeing what floats (the boats!), some ROPE courses, hammock and rope swing.  FUN in the SUN ☀️