The Lost Words

A VERY busy morning with a LOT going on … mud play, Los Words trail, cooking soup and den building.  Brilliant work on the second den – thank you.  BY providing ANOTHER den we are helping facilitate play – there will always be sharing issues but IN this instance another den was MUCH needed.

WE also got together to revisit our boundary rules and talk about safe play BUT didn’t get to do any tool work which will be the focus of the next Monday session along with preparing flag bunting for our dens – date to be put on soon.  ONCE you guys had left the storytelling chair was mended and I had a go with David from Sustrans to make the steps good again.

🌿A beautiful day spent outdoors🌿


Windy in the Willows

The LOOK on their FACES today …. playing with the parachutes in the meadow and chasing BUBBLES up the Brampton Valley Way 😊❤️😊 …. JUST done my WEATHER check for tomorrow …. ITS not just going to be WET but we have stronger gusts forecast 💨 than today AND because of that FRIDAY FOXES will NOT be running.   HOPEFULLY the weather won’t prove me wrong BUT with the age of the group it’s better to be SAFE than SORRY.


I know a storytelling chair and music sticks are more Outdoor Learning than Forest School BUT it’s still upsetting, doubly so for it to happen TWICE in as many weeks … BOTH have been vandalised as quickly as they were mended ….. IS this the new start of SILLY SEASON? 🙁🌿🍃🌿975B2D67-B62C-4D9F-876A-204EFB7597B5.jpeg

OUR Amazing …

… birds nest made this morning!  I have a feeling that the FRIDAY FOXES willenjoy this too …. BIG lesson learnt today – brown wool worms are not easy to find 😊.

THANKS for the messages from those not able to make it today …. DO NOT worry, your names will remain down.  THERE will be block booking, however, in the warmer months and from then on with smaller groups … 🌿🍃🌿


THE last Monday

…. session for a couple of weeks, the NEXT one is Monday 11th February and after half term these will be fortnightly- half term sessions will be posted SOON 🌿🍃🌿

TODAYS possibilities included going on a bear hunt, hide and seek, mud play, blind rope trails, earwig houses, some stories, hammocks and a spot of painting – THOUGH I don’t think I SAW half of the children as they ran round playing, making up games, climbing & exploring.  A LOVELY morning 🌿🍃🌿.



Friday Foxes ALWAYS has such a calm flow to the session as the weekend begins to HUG us 😊.  WE saw a mouse in its house, made a stick frame, looked at woodland animals, found them homes, went exploring, played with buckets and then hide and seek with Pooh Bear.  BEFORE we knew it it was time to say our goodbyes and go home to warm our toes.

Thank you for coming 🌿🍃🌿


COLD Fingers and …

COLD toes, runny EYES and runny NOSE, I’m NUCLEAR and I felt the CHILL today.  IT is totally fine to leave when your child has had enough and we will be finishing earlier in these colder months …

TODAY we went on a Winter scavenger hunt, played with tins, sticks and cones, buckets and spades, loppers and muddy puddles.  WE also had a horse come to say hello. 😊🌿🍃🌿