Friday Foxes in the Rain, Again!

7FF23BA1-A201-4924-A383-95F7FF127FEA.jpeg🌿🌿A lovely morning with my small BUT mighty Friday Foxes 🦊… escaping the rain until the end.  WE spent half the session splashing in puddles, scooping & pouring and perfecting the bark water-run and the second half on site maintenance (many thanks!), ably using the bow saw, loppers and other hand tools to help clear a fallen branch off the Brampton Valley Way 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿LOOKING forward to less wet weather (hopefully!) next week and trying some elderflower fritters 😋🌿🌿


Wet Noodles

C0F2EDA4-244F-4038-A659-2EA72C845BD4.jpeg🌿A SUPER wet morning can only mean SUPER big puddles!  A lovely wet morning exploring our very GREEN site, using burdock for hats, lots of puddle jumping, splashing, mixing & pouring and making water runs 💦 😊🌿🌿

🌿🌿THANKS to those who braved the rain & totally understand for those that didn’t 😊😊❤️🌿🌿

Outdoor Event

6DAB7E4B-EA06-4F44-BBF8-1CE414AEB2B2🌿SO excited for THIS Saturday’s Outdoor ‘Noodlefest’ Event.  IT is all FREE – though bring some pennies as the Canvas Cafe will be hosting a ‘pop up’ cafe offering drinks & cake😋🌿🌿

🌿🌿BUDDIES are also holding an event WHICH is just down the road so you CAN do BOTH 😊😊🌿

🌿Please message me with any queries🌿

Fairy Fun

38C0ED57-5D21-48B0-8D7C-83BBC5D54376.jpeg🧚‍♀️🌿LOTS of fun yesterday at a woodland magical party at the site – we were SO lucky with the weather!🌿🌿

🌿🌿WE had great fun looking (or not!) for Sneezey the Dragon, rebuilding our fairy village and nest for the dragons eggs, making our own potions, wands and fairies 🧚‍♀️, tree climbing and swinging in the hammocks😊🌿🌿

Wet Foxes 🦊

08F54341-A665-44A0-B228-5887AFFD404E🌿🌧AN exceptionally wet Friday Foxes 🦊 this morning with a shorter session – though it DID stop raining the moment I got home 😀.  THE Greener Greenway is looking really GREEN 🌳🌳.  A spot of shelter building to collect our pools of water in, investigating part of a rabbits face 🐇, looking for rain shy snails and learning new things: NEVER stroke a tarantula!  NOT planning on going near one but good to know 🕷🕷😊🌿😊


Bug Hunting

🌿🌿NOT quite the start I had ‘planned’ this morning tidying up after a party we hadn’t been invited to – PLUS assessing the damage (again!) to the storytelling chair BUT we had a lovely morning playing parachute games, bug hunting, slug watching, making muddy puddles, some mini bug hotels & having a treat with marshmallows rather than nettles today 😊.  A lovely time with the children choosing next week’s activity possibilities ❤️😊🌿🌿

🌿LOOKING forward to the Friday Foxes 🦊 tomorrow 🌿



Half Term Fun!

🌿🌿Thank you all for coming along to the half term sessions this week – it’s been an amazing week.  WE have had printing, mud and clay possibilities, looking at our trees & what grows around (witchy conversations about Elder 😊), hide n seek, hammock play, bubble pipes, tree climbing, den building, fire and nettles for  snack 🌿🌿

🌿Lovely to catch up with old faces and meet new ones🌿


A Bit Behind

So, I’ve been running a bit behind with my session posts mostly due to a technical hitch …. namely me!  ALL is good now though and we are back up and running.

🌿IT was a busy last term since my last post, lots of fun, exploring and learning.  We are now in half term enjoying half term sessions on  Tuesday and tomorrow. The forecast this week looked a bit wobbly so take up has been slow – there are still spaces tomorrow – BUT this has provided the opportunity to prepare some bunting for a forthcoming event AND get some name cookies ready for a party in a weekend or so.🌿🌿

🌿🌿THE dates are on for the next block – please message me with any queries.  Thank you 🌿🌿


Outdoor Learning Session

🌿STILL feeling all Spring Equinox creative this week with more muddy mark making for the Monday Outdoor Learning Session.   WE looked for animals, learnt some knots, played with mirrors, made mud, made our marks, created charcoal from Willow and had a go making some natural dye …. and some lovely cloth printing. 🌿

🌿THERE is a session on NEXT Monday 8th April (there are two time slots available, please see the Easter Half Term Session dates).  PLEASE book on by messaging me as it is half term and can get busy.  AFTER half term the next Monday session will be 29th April (there are two Bank Holidays in May).  IF you have any queries please message me😊🌿