Magic Trees

MY feet don’t feel like they have touched the ground this week, Iam only NOW finding time to reflect on yesterday’s session …. THE children were amazing in the older temperatures, looking for their MAGIC tree, scrambling, climbing & splashing our way through the site – the session whizzed by WITH the chance for a story, some bucket fun and a hot chocolate BEFORE our toes felt the cold. I think the session time was pretty spot on BUT we will let our fingers & toes dictate when we finish as the weather looks set to get COLDER.

Winter Solstice 2018

THE last session of 2018!  THANK you for coming to find stars, make wishes, Yule spoons, cone garlands and tree dressing.  A bit too windy to have our own candles but Iam sure we’ll all light one tonight.  MANY thanks to Katie Paton for being our storyteller and for the beautiful Deer Mother tale.

WISHING everyone a lovely Christmas period, however you celebrate and a happy and healthy New Year!

See you in the WOODS 😊🌿🍃🌿


Wreath Making

Thank you all for coming today to one of the last sessions of 2018 (!!).  Lots of fun had making wreaths, playing and exploring in the Winter sunshine 🌞.

Looking forward to the Winter Solstice Session on Friday ….


Stick Man

“I’M STICK MAN, that’s me, AND I want to go home to the family tree!”.  Well NOW I’m feeling really festive! ⭐️✨⭐️

THIS was the last Thursday session until NEXT year SOO however you celebrate AND whatever you do wishing you all lots of love, fun and laughter over the holidays ❤️🌿🍃🌿.

TOMORROW is Woodland Rhymetime 1.30-2.15pm £3.50 (£1.50 per extra sibling), Monday’s Outdoor Learning Session has turned into wreath making and us running 10-12pm (£3.00 up to 2 children & 50p thereafter) – I will bring den buildingand ropes for free play and the Stick Man bag should anyone want to revisit this AND 21st December is the Winter Solstice Session 10-12pm £10.00 per family.

If you have any queries please message me.  Thank you 😊


Soggy Soil

We escaped the rain pretty much today AND took the chance with soggy soil to go track hunting poking for prints & pop and then making some tracks of own our, playing in hammocks, with mud, making dens, picnics, woody craft and enjoying the smells and sounds of a fire.


The Bog Baby & Bow Saws

The bog baby, bow saws and REAL babies at our mighty Friday Foxes this morning 🦊 … craft & tool possibilities.  MY favourite moment was seeing all the children hard at work with their tools on the branch from the wind damaged tree 😊🌿🍃🌿.

MONDAY is Outdoor Learning Monday and Iam feeling festive with woodwork & wreath possibilities.  PLEASE keep an eye on the weather.



A wonderful Tree Charter session, thank you for coming and making our morning so BEAUTIFUL with some singing, wreath making, clay faces AND leaf waxing.

YOU can find out more about the Tree Charter by visiting The Woodland Trust’s website 🌿🍃🌿