Friday Fun 🦊

24777DA6-AB0D-43B7-B650-7A2CBCC84D80.jpeg🌿🌿😊🦊LOTS of lovely fun in the sun yesterday with the Friday Foxes – thank you all for coming.  WE explored & climbed, played & worked together making a giant spiderweb/ ropes course, enjoyed the slackline and had a go at printing finishing off with some pan breads & fire 💚🌿🌿

🌿🌿🦊LOOKING forward to next week 🌿🌿


Noodling Afternoon

63586CAF-D1F2-4B62-8BD5-DF83930122FE.jpeg🌿🌿A lovely Nature Noodling afternoon collecting berries, seeing what we could see, exploring, mashing up, playing and just soaking it up with our senses 💚🌿🌿

🌿LOOKING forward to the Friday Foxes 🦊 tomorrow 2-4pm.  Am thinking about a bit of an obstacle course and some berry printing PLUS whatever else we can come up with 😊💚🌿

Dates for the next Block

🌿Monday sessions to be confirmed: these may become ad hoc Saturday sessions.🌿

🦋Nature Noodles, Thursdays 1.30-3pm🦋

12th September – 17th October

🦊Friday Foxes, Fridays 2-4pm🦊

13th September – 18th October

🌿🌿💚SPACES are limited and booking on is via💚🌿🌿

Last Summer Session

28BB8FFB-E7AE-40F9-AFEA-F95460ABAEFE🌿🌿IT’s taking a while – with holiday interruptions on BOTH sides – to get the paperwork agreed for a NEW site based at a beautiful Woodland Trust site.  AS I have been off grid too THIS session will take place at The Outdoor Classroom, Brampton Valley Way 10-12pm Tuesday 27th August.  SPACES are limited, please message me to book on & if you have any queries.🌿🌿

🌿🌿THIS session will involve some cooking with blackberries & hazel leaves …. 🌿🌿


Summer Fun!

🌿🌿WOW! What a super busy dynamic session we had this morning!  Lovely to see lots of new & familiar faces coming out for some Summer Outdoor Fun.  TRYING to introduce some Forest School concepts with sensory activities/ play; tracking games, camouflage hide n seek, some basic tool work along with bug pots, fire, rope swings and climbing on the slack line.🌿🌿

🌿🌿THE September sessions will start back up the week beginning Monday 9th and all session blocks & times will be advertised shortly.  Please note that these will now all be afternoon sessions running either 1.30-3pm or 2-4pm.  Pre-booking will be required as the session sizes will be capped 💚🌿🌿

Radio Interview

🌿🌿A radio interview today with BBC Radio Northampton about the storytelling chair being vandalised, again.  We talked about the community, social responsibility & needing more volunteers.  IF you or anyone You know would like to volunteer and get involved with the sessions and/ or site maintenance please send me a message. 💚🌿🌿

Summer Outdoor Session

🌿🌿A lovely sunny Outdoor Summer Session this afternoon …. butterfly spotting, slack line walking, some craft & drawing, climbing & exploring, playing & sharing, some knife work, fire & food ☀️🌿🌿

🌿🌿THANK you all for coming, looking forward to seeing what we can get up to on Thursday!  This session is now fully booked.💚🌿🌿

All Change

🌿🌿I will shortly be putting together my session dates FROM September…. things have CHANGED a bit for me.  AS some of YOU know, I have been doubling up as a childminder.  IT has been a tough decision BUT after 8 years childminding I am finishing at the end of August to work as part of the nurture team in my local primary school.  THERE will still be sessions running BUT the times and days will change with ALL sessions now running in the afternoons rather than mornings.🌿🌿