Fun in the Sun!

The first session back today and I had in my mind some digging possibilities, sowing some seeds and making dens in the den area.  Naturally this never happened which made me reflect very much about my title … Forest School Leader.  I don’t seem to do much leading, instead I feel very much as if it is my role to facilitate and support play.

Some did play in the mud today, make homes for the small woodland animals I brought with me and sow seeds BUT most followed their interests or created ideas and plans of their own.   We found the Go Find It cards in my bag and this led to the creation of story sticks, attaching our finds to the sticks as they were found.

We made sure that there was time to reflect before everyone began to drift away and the activity suggestions for next week were made.

Volunteering Saturday

7B617672-965F-4E68-B1CF-BC376CE86A8B.jpegA small but mighty team got together today for some quite fun jobs – there was some hedging using mallets and dead wood, digging and raking for our wild flower seed garden, some reinstating of the bug hotels and some den building.  The big aim of the session was to create an area where it was clear to see ready made dens … as an invitation that others might follow.

Iam, as ever, grateful for the help received.

Seed Bombs

F9B138D1-89E6-42E6-AE52-3014144D6402.jpegAs the local nursery was closed today it felt a bit like a Noodles reunion as some of the first groups of children revisited for a play in the mud.

Lovely to see the friendships forged at Forest school have continued into the next setting – for the mums too! Lovely to see you all today.

All we needed was some buckets and spades for most as the site is still pretty water logged.  Mud castles, painting and boat making plus some seed bombs and bug hotel building.

After Easter Nature Noodles will be celebrating it’s 2nd Birthday!

Muddy Monday!

8E0BD6A1-AC43-4AD0-B7A7-61B367A93D0C.jpegA lovely way to spend a sunny Monday!  For this Home Ed Session I brought some filter paper for chromatography experiments and filtering.  A couple of spades and a LOT of digging made a nice big hole (which we back-filled) to look at soil colour changed, dig for clay and test ph levels.

There was tree climbing, exploring, making elder bubble pipes and willow wands finishing up with some soup and popcorn.

Looking forward to the next session already!

Spring Session Dates

NN11Thursday Forest School 6 Week Block: 9.45-11.45am, 19th April – 24th May.

Monday Home Ed Sessions:                 10am-1pm, 23rd April & 14th May

Mighty Girls & Boys Saturday Sessions:    10-12pm & 2-4pm, 28th April & 19th May

Spaces are limited on all sessions.  Please contact me directly for any further information and for booking on.

Many thanks 🍃🌿🍃

Sunshine Potions!

8B812582-5502-4731-ABCC-878D00265D36.jpegTrying to make Spring sunshine potions … lots of mixing and squirting.  Using food colouring in the dispensers and pipettes to suck the water up … with a good dollop of mud too!

Lots of water still on site so splashing around a must, sticks collected and potato peelers out for the younger children to try some whittling (trying balsa wood next week).  One to one tool work with a pen knife for the older children.

I left out robust mirrors and some pots and elastic bands to see what anyone could come up with and the tins and tap sticks were popular.  Finishing off for some the chance to have a go with the fire steel … needing to make a little warmth for our hands.

Some wands were made and decorated with wool hoping some Spring spells were  made … let’s hope they do their magic! ✨✨

Snuggling up with a Story …

A9A047AE-469D-4452-A4BB-2A2DFA18D852.jpegDetermined not to have to rearrange this session again, we went ahead but brought with us plenty of blankets and firewood!

Kingsthorpe Library had kindly lent me storysacks which had placed throughout the site … we went on a Bear Hunt to find them but instead of making smaller dens throughout the site decided to make one big den as it was still so chilly.

We read Owl Babies then ran around to keep warm coming back to The Gruffalo and then setting off to make a house for a mouse.

We coloured story stones and made mud porridge for the Three Bears coming together round the fire to read the Hungry Caterpillar.

A lovely session … will definitely run again in the warmer months …

Birthday Sunshine!

8212F130-BE32-4636-9528-D3192F7E1F68The sun came out, not just because it was my birthday Iam sure!  Still plenty of water on site so fun was had splashing around and using the buckets and spades.    It was important to encourage the use of Puddle sticks so that the children could gauge how deep the water was.

We had scavenger bags and Go Find It! cards to collect materials to make a boat.  Mostly we collected bark and used a palm drill to insert sticks for sails.

The den building kit was out and materials for simple rain shakers – tho the rain held off!

Finishing up with a fire and cake!

The weather may have been warmer but being wet through is no fun either, we had changes of clothes and plenty of towels to make sure that no one got too uncomfortable.