1E9BDA46-3304-450E-B617-E7B0B2C8C7BF.jpegMy name is Jenny and I am a Level 3 Forest School Leader.
I have been working with children as an Ofsted registered Childminder since 2012 with a strong emphasis on child led learning in the outdoors and being aware of all the possibilities available.  Through my own children I had a link with the local nursery who are advocates of outdoor learning and their involvement with the BRIC made me re-assess the space I was using to try and use a public open space to help children build a connection with the land directly on their doorstep. One where they could attend sessions with me and then come back at the weekend with their families. I found a site owned by the charity Sustrans and gained permission to use the area and then received the funding for my Level 3 training. It was suggested that I encourage others to come along as my own group size was very small and it all snowballed from there. Being a Nature Noodle had just started!

Nature Noodles is only a young group and we are growing and learning together. It is not only about the children but about being together collectively and friendships forming.