World Book Day

🌳🌲🌳A short week for me this week BUT loving World Book Day and ‘being’ Percy (the Park Keeper) for the day. Our school had a pyjamas, favourite toy and book day but I needed a bit more on being outside – BUT let’s face it, I didn’t really look ANY different 😉😂😂 … The books I chose to share were Stanley’s Stick and, of course, Percy the Park Keeper and the Secret Path complete with trusty wheelbarrow and animal friends.🌲🌳🌲

🌳🌲🌳FOR the after school Forest School club we started with a lovely folk story about Mother Elder, then tried our hand at whittling Elder using potato peelers and knives – taking our time to explore the smell and feel before playing a tracking hiding game using sticks to mark the path. Not an easy task at all and they did amazing. Finishing up with our free play opportunities, hot chocolate and crumpets. Looking forward to next week 💚🌲🌳🌲