Nettle Cordage

🌳💚🌳🌲💚The STRANGELY addictive process of making nettle cordage … not sure I’m doing it quite ‘right’ (go easy on me please ) BUT I’ve obviously been paying attention to my daughter’s friendship bracelet making 😂😂

🌳🌲🌳SO how to do it … I picked tall nettles and then holding them by the end (rather than the top where the leaves are) I swept my hand upwards to take off the stings. The stings point towards the tip. I picked off any remaining leaves. I then used a mallet to gently bosh the nettle down a bit especially on the nodules and using my fingers – but you could use scissors or a knife – opened down the middle of the flattened nettle. The next bit is a bit fiddly, you need to peel out the hard middle as it’s the outer skin that makes the cordage. This may take a while and is VERY relaxing. I then left mine to dry for a bit – the nettle skin will shrink down a bit. I then folded it in half and hung the middle bend off a nail holding the ends taunt and plaited them together. That’s the bit I’m not sure I did right but I enjoyed the process and I’m pleased with the result – I also think I could now show others 😊😊🌳🌳🌲💚