Introducing Sonia

Evening all! How was your Mother’s Day?! We spent it in the forest , carrying sticks to check the depths of puddles as trained by Jenny Flude Buckley 😆(thank you! , saved us many a time! Seriously!)

So I’m Sonia Williams and have learnt so much from so many of you and Jenny, from Jenny’s fab Nature Noodles sessions!

I’m so excited to be posting this , as I set up my first session at The Outdoor Classroom , as I know it’s the beginning of some great collaborations with the amazing Jenny Flude Buckley and Beth Allen!

I’m a Mum of 3boys, I’m Contemporary Dance trained at the Royal Academy of Dance , performing arts teacher trained and in the process of being outdoor trained 😆.

I have a passion for Maria Montessori’s phenomenal pedagogy with learning taking place outdoor FIRST, allowing children to be ‘scientists of nature’ …

…and for the importance of allowing creativity ,
whether it be through movement , writing, drawing, painting or sculpting.

While I’m not forest school trained , I look to provide a safe, inspirational space for our children to explore their passions at their pace on their terms, to ALLOW learning to happen as THEY wish it to.

This of course could only have happened with Jenny’s and Beth’s influence and actions , so truly thank you, & I’m so excited for what is to come as we all are very passionate about what learning might look like for our children!