Windy in the Willows

49763843-B27F-4F60-8C02-E96B80A02EFE🌿💚IT was too WINDY in the willows for the last of the Summer Sessions last Friday but the last weekend at Kelmarsh was good to go with natural craft n making – lots of beautiful fairy fantastic houses and furniture- and some fire lighting (dragon sneeze!) and cooking💚🌿

🌿💚THIS week I have been taking a break before School starts back up again next week. WE checked the site today for the wind damage … lots of loose branches and the top of one Willow has sadly been broken by the wind 💨 💚🌿

🌿💚Wishing you all a positive return to whatever your ‘normal’ may look like and look forward to seeing you all again soon 💚🌿