Routines & Rhythms

D75802DA-F8FD-431E-A4F7-D23317B8A636.jpeg🌿Soooo NEW routines & rhythms coming into PLAY with our sessions … BOTH of which have over-run this week in the lovely late Summer SUN 🌞.  Thank you for coming along whilst we all settle into the new session times.  NEXT week we are going to start off our sessions with the cooking so no one misses out … we are also going to be giving the site some TLC with a litter pick and reinstating the big hotels & habitat homes 🦔 🌿🌿

🌿A lovely Friday Foxes 🦊 this afternoon with some bubble pipe & wand making, potions mixing & pouring, hammocks & tools. LOVED using the bill hook to make our kindling even though the Willow was still too WET to be effective BUT the process was fun.  I even managed to grab a few mindful moments before heading back home … 🌿🌿