Amazing Year!

3EA7DDB5-96D3-4C29-9AA8-66B8B2209E4FWHAT a year it has been … the group’s have grown, lots have come along to have a look, volunteer groups helping tidy and open up the site, this website being developed, community sessions led by Sustrans, Woodland Rhymetime led by Katie Paton – Iam so delighted about the flow and direction that Nature Noodles has taken.  LOTs to learn and develop BUT I feel very strongly now about where this is all going BUT nothing could be done without you lovely lot.  Thank you for your support, for the friendships made, the time people have taken to connect with their child, the Earth and each other.  BEAUTIFUL 🌿🍃🌿

Thank you for coming today and sitting in the sun whilst the children forged their own fun and games in the sunshine.