Sunshine Potions!

8B812582-5502-4731-ABCC-878D00265D36.jpegTrying to make Spring sunshine potions … lots of mixing and squirting.  Using food colouring in the dispensers and pipettes to suck the water up … with a good dollop of mud too!

Lots of water still on site so splashing around a must, sticks collected and potato peelers out for the younger children to try some whittling (trying balsa wood next week).  One to one tool work with a pen knife for the older children.

I left out robust mirrors and some pots and elastic bands to see what anyone could come up with and the tins and tap sticks were popular.  Finishing off for some the chance to have a go with the fire steel … needing to make a little warmth for our hands.

Some wands were made and decorated with wool hoping some Spring spells were  made … let’s hope they do their magic! ✨✨