Birthday Sunshine!

8212F130-BE32-4636-9528-D3192F7E1F68The sun came out, not just because it was my birthday Iam sure!  Still plenty of water on site so fun was had splashing around and using the buckets and spades.    It was important to encourage the use of Puddle sticks so that the children could gauge how deep the water was.

We had scavenger bags and Go Find It! cards to collect materials to make a boat.  Mostly we collected bark and used a palm drill to insert sticks for sails.

The den building kit was out and materials for simple rain shakers – tho the rain held off!

Finishing up with a fire and cake!

The weather may have been warmer but being wet through is no fun either, we had changes of clothes and plenty of towels to make sure that no one got too uncomfortable.