FAD862C1-1025-445E-803C-0BB5AFE0FC58.jpegOur first session back after a little break … can’t deny that I wasn’t a little nervous.  New faces and children so always a bit exciting!

We all gathered up for a boundary walk, with some making some cookies whilst we all came together and then off on an explore.  We walked all through the site climbing over and ducking under the branches and establishing the big as a NO GO.   Amazing to think that when I first started running the sessions I would never have dreamed of showing the big.

We came back and had a game of hide and seek before showing our resources pile and seeing what everyone wanted to do.  Hammocks and rope swings were put up, buckets and spades and some sand for tracking.

No signs of Spring today as we came together for a fire, popcorn and hot chocolate.  We had time for our reflection before we left and made some dinosaur and animal plans for the next session before heading back home to warm up.  🍃🌿🍃