Tracking Possibilities

7DBC785A-2DE7-4159-BE3F-C3AA085F0CF6Thursday and Friday this week I provided some tracking possibilities.

Thursday was quite an adult led session with some auditory exploration starting off with log dogs to make tracks in the Willow leaves and then a go at deer ears (not hugely successful!) and a quick game of being deer sitting quietly for predators to come along and sniff out.  The group had previously sat still in a bird hide the week before and done really well.  It’s not easy being still ….

We had magnifying glasses and tracker sheets to look for signs of animals.  Focusing on the area around the badger sets we looked for tracks and then walked all the way through the site looking for animal habitats and poo.

After a short Hansel and Gretal story mud, sand and dinosaurs were provided to make tracks and just have fun whilst the fire was prepared for pancakes.

Friday’s group began with some more tree planting before looking for tracks in the sand left out.  We found tracks but these were most likely a dog.  We went through the site and played with hammocks and the slack lines before coming together for baked apples and pancakes.