Following Interests

2833CE37-32C4-497F-8310-9A4AE1D9476F.jpegAt the end of the session there is a chance to talk about what we have been doing and to see if they have a happy or sad face.  The parents/ carers and children can all make suggestions as to what I should bring to the next session.

Perhaps because I had felt poorly the sessions the previous week hadn’t felt as they normally do so plans were made for more active sessions this week, though it does depend a lot on the groups dynamics and how everyone is feeling but by observing and talking at the end of the session the group dictates which resources I bring to provide possibilities.

This week each group had the opportunity to plant trees within the session.  The Thursday group enjoyed making a basic bird hide and some food for the birds, slack lines were put up and tools were popular – using a bill hook and nails, hammers and loom bands.

Fridays children spent time looking at a dead mole.  Looking at his feet and nose.  We dug a hole for our mole and then planted trees talking about old life and new life.  Mud and water provided mud cake possibilities with lots of role play with a shop selling the hot chocolate and then Hansel & Gretal with some lovely tracking opportunities (and a spot of gobbling up children!).

Each session provided ideas for the next … hopefully also this time having a chance to make some pancakes on the fire …