New Term

7EBB74CA-6B35-4E71-A0EA-99AA93B51059We had a chilly start to the new block on Thursday.  Collecting sticks, looking at badger sets, feeling cones and looking at what was around us.  This was a chance for those who had not been before to explore the area and start to look at what was around us.

We looked at Stanley’s Stick and tried to imagine different uses for our sticks, some used wool and string.  A bow saw was used to cut larger branches and some made a name cookie.

There was lots of climbing and exploring, it was lovely to see more confidence and independance developing.  At the end of the session we went round and planned the possibilities for next time.

A great start to the Winter term with lots of excitement and fun to come and a reminder to dress warmly as the weather gets cooler, even a sunny start can quickly cool down.