Recipe for Elderflower Cordial

imageThe recipe I use is one I put together after browsing the Internet – mine was too sweet this week so I would add a little less sugar.

10 large elderflower heads (nice and white)

900g granulated sugar (reduce this according to taste)

600ml water

2 lemons

Pick off any bugs (!), cut off stems and leaves. I gave my flowers a rinse in cold water.  Place the flowers in a large pan.

Heat the sugar and water in a pan until the sugar dissolves.  Cut off the ends of the lemon and slice up – my daughter did this, I don’t think it makes any difference how neat it looks!

Pour the hot syrup over the elderflower add the lemons and stir.  Cover the pan for around 24 hours, though I know some like to leave it for longer.

Strain the mixture using muslin or kitchen paper and pour into your container/ jug.

I diluted mine with still water but I think fizzy would be good too. Some may even add vodka. Enjoy!