Leaf fun

First session of the new block! The aim of the first session is to introduce the area, look at any seasonal changes, re-establish boundaries and have some fun connecting the group.

I prepared cardboard strips with double sided cellotape and made leaf ID dials (Woodland Trust).  These were left out as an initial engagement whilst everyone arrived.   I was surprised at how long this activity took and how engaged the children were.  The older children taking it quite seriously – “Ivy is not a leaf” (Isabelle, aged 3 years).  Recognising that the ID dial did not cover all our trees and leaving out those not on there!

We came together to look at the leaves collected and talked about each child’s cardboard strip before playing some “123 Where are You?”.  After hot chocolate a story stick suggestion was made and some were interested in this whilst others collected elderflowers to make cordial with.

Some mallets and cloth were put out and I suggested a hapazome ID guide – I had read about this from a Chris Holland newsletter.   Most enjoyed this as we used leaves from Willow, Elder and Oak.  Some ran off to play chase whilst others carried on enjoying the boshing.

The duck whistle was called and we came together for ‘The Wild Woods’ by Simon James and then crept off into the wild woods to look for squirrels – who had heard us coming!!  We enjoyed looking at fungi and listening to the birds before coming together one last time to reflect and pass round our Happy/ Sad face cookie.