Pam W.

My husband and I came to your Forest School on the 27th July with our grandson Sam who is 4 years old.  I was very impressed with how Forest School was organised and the activities that children could take part in if they wished.  They were not pressurised into doing anything they did not want to do.

Sam enjoyed his time on site.  He made a bug house with wood and nails and he also used a bow saw to cut around a piece  of wood with the help of Jenny which he then wrote his name on.  He took both of these back to his home in Welshpool and are now proudly on display.

Sam loved trying to cook the bread dough on a stick (the fire was not hot enough) but he enjoyed cooking this at home and he liked the popcorn which was cooked on the fire.  He also loved being able to run around the site and being able to hear the trains.

Thank you Jenny, next time he visits I would like to bring him again and would recommend the Forest School experience to all parents allowing children to see the wonderful nature around them.