Earth Week 🌎

🌳🌲GETTING ready for the week ahead following on from the week before, reflecting WHAT worked? WHAT didn’t? Looking at HOW each child likes to play and building on that. Just read a great book covering Multiple Intelligences (well worth a read) and drawing on my sensory processing webinar by The Therapeutic Forest looking at self regulation ideas …. LOOKING to carry on with our mud pie making in celebration of Earth Day 🌎 this week, potion shops and emotion potions – using colour to reflect our feelings. PROVIDING opportunities for some tool use, bubble pipe possibilities, LOTS of hide n seek – trying hard with our DEER ears to hear the call of our Owl 🦉, some mobile making (how cool is this wool from Aldi! 😊) and ANYTHING else we come up with before coming together with our Speaking Stick to plan for the following week😊🌳🌲🌳🌲

🌳🌲🌳SOMETHING which I have found quite helpful is the use of visuals to form a rough session timetable … helps with understanding and any anxiety about what we may be doing in the session 😊🌳🌲🌲